March 2nd, 2006

Jeff Jarvis, blogging from the Online Publishers Association meeting in London tells us that Tom Glocer, CEO of Reuters, get’s it. What is it? It is that there is revolution of Gutenbergian proportions, as Glocer said in his keynote address, going on. The reader is now both author and editor and media orgainzations need to deal with that.

Accordign to Jarvis, Glocer said of readers:

They”re consuming, they”re creating, they”re sharing, and they”re publishing themselves. So the consumer wants to not only run the printing preess, the consumer wants to set the Linotype as well….

Our industry is facing a profound challenge from home-created content…. If we create the right crossroads, provide the consumers with the appropriate tools… we can harnass what otherwise from the outside would look like a punk revolution….

I don’t think you can harness it. But you can at least find ways to make your ride smoother.

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